1.In relation to SARS-CoV-2 infections and the current state of the epidemic, the health care unit complies in particular with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

2. If the staff of the health care unit notices the above symptoms, they have the right to ask the patient to leave the premises of the health care unit, except in situations of direct threat to patient’s health or life.

3. Each person entering the health care facility must disinfect their hands.

4. It is obligatory for all persons in the medical facility to wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose.

5. Only people waiting for an appointment are allowed on the premises of the medical facility. In the case of patients under 18 years of age, health care services are provided in the presence of one person only (legal representative, legal guardian or actual guardian).

6. The patient’s temperature must be measured without contact and an epidemiological investigation performed on each person entering the facility; i.e., a Statement of Health and a Statement of Compliance with the Containment Rule, i.e., no contact with person(s) with a confirmed or probable case of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

7.  A patient’s temperature below 37.4°C and a negative epidemiologic history allow the patient to have an appointment. If the patient’s temperature is 37.4°C – 37.9°C, the decision to provide health care services rests with the attending physician.

8.  Any doubt regarding the result of epidemiological history or temperature measurement results in postponing the visit, except for the situation of direct threat to patient’s health or life.. 

Covid 19
Covid 19

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We fulfill the goals and tasks of a medical entity. We provide dental care to patients in accordance with current medical knowledge, current procedures, available methods and resources, with due diligence, as well as with respect for professional ethics and patient rights.