Our services

Miling Dental Clinic

Our goal is to provide patients with a natural aesthetic effect and effective, lasting rehabilitation of the stomatognathic system through dental treatment at the highest level, with respect for individual needs, by defining and implementing the goals of the institution.

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Our priorities

Ergonomic surgeries and hygiene

We have ergonomic surgeries to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Wide range of hygiene services

We offer a wide range of services using the most modern technology, and we guarantee a multi-specialist approach to each case.

Modern x-ray equipment and hygiene

Our undoubted advantage is the possession of a digital pantomogram with a 360 function, which provides the highest quality imaging, while using a minimum dose of X-ray radiation.

Our services

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We fulfill the goals and tasks of a medical entity. We provide dental care to patients in accordance with current medical knowledge, current procedures, available methods and resources, with due diligence, as well as with respect for professional ethics and patient rights.