Aesthetic dentistry

Teeth whitening – the Beyond lamp

We offer teeth whitening with the world’s best whitening system Beyond® Polus®.

With several levels of light/heat energy and ultrasound, it gives better results than competing solutions.

The Beyond lamp features:

  • An improved light filtration system with over 200,000 fiber optics to filter out all harmful heat and ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Single-tooth whitening option for precise, customized treatment results
  • Intelligent remote control, which allows the patient to monitor the treatment time
Lampa Beyond Kalisz
Beyond Lamp Kalisz
Wybielanie Nakładkowe
Overlay Whitening

Overlay Whitening

Overlay teeth whitening consists of two stages: in-office and at-home.

During the first visit the dentist makes an impression of the dental arches so that the technician can prepare the overlay for whitening.

Then, the overlays should be placed on the teeth at home on your own, along with the whitening preparation (as recommended by the dentist).

The overlays should be worn for a specified time each day, for about 2 weeks.

Ceramic veneers

A veneer is a ceramic restoration that is cemented to the previously prepared labial surface of a tooth. Its purpose is to mask all kinds of imperfections. Almost non-invasively, it gives the final look to teeth, often without the need to undertake long-term orthodontic treatment.

Indications for placing a ceramic veneer:

  • Discoloration of the tooth crown
  • Correction of the shape of the tooth – With a veneer we are able to lengthen, shorten, widen or narrow the crown of the tooth, depending on the needs and individual conditions in the oral cavity of the patient.
  • fracture of the incisal edge of anterior teeth
  • closing of interdental gaps

Contraindications for placing a ceramic veneer:

  • insufficient oral hygiene
  • unfilled missing teeth in the lateral sections
  • gum disease
  • occlusal defects
  • tooth treated with a root canal
  • too little enamel
  • teeth clenching and bruxism – teeth grinding
Stomatologia Estetyczna Kalisz
Aesthetic Dentistry Kalisz

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