Dental surgery

Dental surgery – a branch of medicine dealing with the surgical treatment of the oral cavity and its adjacent areas.

In addition to dental surgery, there is an often confused specialization, i.e. – maxillofacial surgery. The above-mentioned areas are not concerned with the same thing – dental surgery has a narrower scope both in terms of the area it deals with and the types of treatments.

In many cases, to restore the patient’s oral cavity health, dental surgery supports, among others, maxillofacial surgeons, prosthetists or general dentists.

All procedures in the field of dental surgery, including tooth extraction, gingivectomy, exposure of the gingival hood at a partially erupted tooth, etc. are performed under local anesthesia, which guarantees comfort to our patients. After the procedure, the patient should cool the operated area with compresses. Excessive physical exertion and hot food should be avoided. We usually carry out dental surgery procedures in the morning. In case of pain or discomfort after the procedure, generally available non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen are recommended. Should these prove insufficient, the patient is advised to contact our clinic.

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We fulfill the goals and tasks of a medical entity. We provide dental care to patients in accordance with current medical knowledge, current procedures, available methods and resources, with due diligence, as well as with respect for professional ethics and patient rights.