Registration of the visit

An Appointment

The Dental Clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. In the event of an emergency health services can be provided for patients by individual appointments outside the working hours of our healthcare facility.

An appointment registration

The condition of a health service provision is the registration of a patient, which can be obtained personally or through a third party.

  • At the premises of the healthcare facility
  • By telephone: 509 659 906,
  • By mail:,
  • By filling in the registration form available on our website.

While arranging an appointment, a patient is required to provide the following data: first name, surname and a telephone number.

When the appointment is arranged, the patient is obliged to arrive punctually, and, if unable, the patient is required to promptly notify the clinic by telephone or sending a text message. The appointment can be rescheduled or cancelled on the principles specified by the present regulations.

If a patient is late for the appointment by more than 15 minutes, the lateness is understood as failing to turn up for the appointment (appointment cancellation) due to the patient’s fault. With the agreement of the manager of the healthcare facility there is a possibility of admitting a late patient if it does not affect the provision of health services for other patients.

The healthcare facility reserves the right to cancel the appointment in the case of circumstances which disenable the provision of health services for the patient, particularly when such circumstances were impossible to predict while arranging the appointment.

In the case of the aforementioned circumstances, the patient is immediately notified by telephone or a text message.

The healthcare facility has the right to verify a patient’s identity. To confirm the identity the following documents can be used: an identity card, passport, driving licence, residence permit, school ID or student ID card. The refusal to show the ID document may result in the cancellation of a health service.

The first appointment

During the first appointment a patient is obliged to fill in a health questionnaire and has the right to make a written statement concerning the authorisation of a relative to obtain information about their health and provided health services, and a statement concerning the authorisation of a relative to gain access to the documentation.

The health questionnaire is regularly updated, not less frequently than every six months.

The patient with full legal capacity, a legal representative or the patient’s legal guardian consents to medical treatment administered in the healthcare facility.

The healthcare facility may not administer or withdraw from the treatment of a patient if there are serious reasons, in particular, when:

  • the patient has refused to give a written consent for medical treatment, for which the consent is required,
  • the patient’s condition implies that the patient is under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or other substances which in the opinion of the healthcare facility staff may contribute to possible complications in connection with medical service or hinder or make the service impossible,
  • the patient exhibits aggressive behaviour,
  • the patient does not follow the instructions of the staff of the healthcare facility regarding the preparation in a  certain way for the service, in particular including required examination and providing its results in the healthcare facility in due time,
  • in view of the treating specialist the patient is unsuited to have a given healthcare service provided,
  • the patient does not provide information necessary for the correct provision of a healthcare service or completion of all the documents used in the healthcare facility and required by law,
  • the patient does not consent to the production of photographic documentation which is part of medical documentation kept by the healthcare facility,
  • the patient does not make payment in accordance with the organisational regulations.

Appointment cancellation

The patients’ appointments may be confirmed by the staff of the healthcare facility by phone or sending a text message one day before the appointment. In the case of appointments scheduled for Monday an appointment is confirmed on Friday.

If a patient is not contacted by phone, a text message is sent along with a request to confirm the appointment on the same day. If no confirmation is provided by a patient in this way, the appointment will automatically be cancelled.

The patients who have confirmed their appointments and would like to cancel them or reschedule, are requested to contact the clinic personally, by phone or sending a text message no later than 24 hours before the appointment.

Contact form

    I consent to the processing of my personal data by MILING DENTAL CLINIC URSZULA MILING with its registered office at 35 Korczak Street 62-800 Kalisz, in order to provide an answer. I have the right to access and edit my personal data.

    The controller of personal data is MILING DENTAL CLINIC URSZULA MILING, based in Kalisz (62-800), 35 Korczak St. Personal data are processed in order to send offers or information about the products or services of the controller. Everyone has the right to inspect their data, as well as to correct them and demand their removal. Providing data is voluntary, but it is necessary in order to receive the above mentioned offers or information.