Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is a series of treatments that provide the necessary means to prevent extraction of teeth damaged by caries or other reasons, such as dental trauma.

It aims to treat teeth affected by caries, malformations or injuries so that they regain their health, aesthetics and functionality.

It focuses on all these measures to anticipate injuries that may occur on the teeth.

Therefore, preventive care including fissure sealing and varnishing (fluoridation) of the teeth is of an utmost importance.

The most common problem treated in conservative dentistry is dental caries, a disease caused by bacteria, characterized by the destruction of hard tissues that form the tooth. Acids secreted by these bacteria cause demineralization and subsequent destruction of tooth tissues.

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Conservative dentistry
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Food debris, which cannot be removed by good brushing, the consumption of sugars and acids found in food and drinks, and genetic predisposition all contribute to an increased risk of tooth decay.

The destruction of these tissues begins in the enamel, the outermost layer that forms the tooth and the hardest tissue in the human body.

Getting a restoration is a dental procedure that involves cleaning the cavity and then filling it with an appropriate material to rehabilitate the anatomy, aesthetics, and function of the teeth. The proper tightness of the restoration prevents the recurrence of carious lesions.

An overlay is a reconstruction of a large amount of tooth tissue performed in the case of extensive damage to the tooth structure, as an alternative to a crown.

It is made outside the mouth, in a prosthetic laboratory, on the basis of an impression or a scan taken by the dentist.

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