Our cooperation with Miling Dental Lab offers prosthetic restorations

Prosthetic treatment guarantees the reconstruction of desired conditions in the patient’s oral cavity.

We offer all kinds of prosthetic restorations. Since our laboratory is located in the same building as the Miling Dental Lab, we are able to take care of every detail of the work performed, from the planning of the restoration to the appropriate color integration in the mouth of the patient.

We offer, among others, the following prosthetic restorations:

  • crowns, bridges
  • veneers
  • crowns and bridges on implants
Protetyka Kalisz
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Dental defects in the oral cavity are not only related to aesthetics. First of all, they prevent proper chewing. Problems with appropriate grinding of food significantly hinder and prolong the digestive process.

Single missing teeth cause changes in the oral cavity and may contribute to the displacement of adjacent and opposing teeth, thus worsening the occlusion. Bone loss may even occur in some situations. This in turn is associated with temporomandibular joint problems and can lead to further defects.

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We fulfill the goals and tasks of a medical entity. We provide dental care to patients in accordance with current medical knowledge, current procedures, available methods and resources, with due diligence, as well as with respect for professional ethics and patient rights.