Microscopic dentistry

In our daily work we use magnifying devices to make it more comfortable and efficient. These are dental magnifiers and a microscope.

We have Carl Zeiss microscopes, including a new model of the operating microscope Extaro 300. This device is a result of the top engineering achievement of this company.

It is a leader in the segment of optical medical products dedicated, among others, to dentistry.

The procedure with the use of microscope can be performed with great precision, often impossible to achieve without magnification of operating field. Thanks to excellent lighting and precision, such procedures are also characterized by high efficiency. Originally, microscopes were used in endodontics, but nowadays they allow more accurate fillings, micropreparations for veneers, preparations for crowns, surgical procedures, scaling, and also make it easier to find leaks of existing fillings, caries or other lesions. By assessing the tooth under the microscope, we dispel doubts about the prognosis of the tooth. To sum up, magnifiers or a microscope allow us to make a proper diagnosis, make a precise treatment plan and carry out a thorough procedure to ensure long-lasting effects.

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We fulfill the goals and tasks of a medical entity. We provide dental care to patients in accordance with current medical knowledge, current procedures, available methods and resources, with due diligence, as well as with respect for professional ethics and patient rights.