Art. 23a. [Room monitoring]

1. The head of the entity performing medical activity may specify in the organizational regulations the method of observation of the premises:

  • rooms open to the public, if it is necessary to ensure the safety of patients or employees of the rooms,
  • in which health care services are provided and patients’ stay, in particular bed rooms, hygiene and sanitation rooms, changing rooms, checkrooms, if it results from separate regulations
  • by means of devices enabling image recording (monitoring). 2.

2. The image recordings obtained as a result of the monitoring referred to in paragraph (1) point 1, containing personal data, shall be processed by the entity performing medical activity only for the purposes for which they have been collected and stored for no longer than one week from the date of recording.

3. After the lapse of the period referred to in paragraph 2, the image recordings containing personal data obtained as a result of the monitoring shall be destroyed, unless otherwise stated by separate provisions.      

Dsc2528 10

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